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Языковые курсы в Воронеже

For International Partners

About the company

International Centre LINGUIST is a privately-run educational company based in Voronezh, Russia. Founded in 2006 as an educational consultancy, today the company comprises a language school, a teacher-training department and an authorized Cambridge examination centre. As a Study Abroad Agency the company is proud of being an active member of EnglishUK and Quality English associations.

LINGUIST is committed to providing its clients with an opportunity to enhance their foreign language skills and become more efficient in such a competitive educational and working environment. Our reputation has been built on consistently providing high-quality services to our clients, whether they are applying for short- or long-term language courses abroad.

We have strong relationships with many overseas language centres based in Great Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland, Malta, Germany and many other countries. We regularly attend international trade fairs and keep pace with all the current developments and trends in the field of language education.

International Centre LINGUIST offers a number of overseas education programmes to integrate our students with fast-paced international environment and to help them gain unforgettable life-changing experience and make a valuable contribution to their self-development.We assists our clients to know no boundaries in education, travelling and world connection by providing comprehensive consultation process and building our guarantees on our extensive experience of working with Embassies and partner organisations.

Should you wish to contact us, please see our contact details below:

Address: off.805, 42, Nikitinskaya str., Voronezh, Russia 394018
Phone number: +7 (473) 250-22-42
E-mail: info@lingvist.org or lingvistcenter@bk.ru