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Языковые курсы в Воронеже

Long-term course

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No need to worry: make yourself at home

It goes without saying that integration into new social and cultural environment takes time and might be uneasy to deal with. Let alone a cultural shock every foreigner experiences while trying to settle in a country which is worlds apart from their own one. The lack of language skills makes the integration process even tougher. To make you feel at ease and blend in with the natives IH Voronezh-Linguist has launched a special course on General Russian.

About the “General Russian” course:

The aim of the course is to facilitate the integration of the international students and the city guests into the Russian culture and make them feel comfortable at social interaction with the natives.

Communication, activities and best practices are the main principles the course is based on. During the classes the students find out more about the structure of the Russian language and its grammar, boost up their vocabulary, practise speaking naturally and focus on the cultural side of the country and its traditions as well.

The course caters for all tastes, levels and ages!

About the “Academic Russian” course:

You might be aware that Voronezh is a home to many international students who do their Master’s degree as well as Postgraduate programmes here. To those who struggle with academic writing and speaking skills IH Voronezh-Linguist offers a special course called “Russian for academic purposes”. Improve your Russian language skills you need for studies!

About the teachers:

The course is run by highly efficient teachers of Russian language who stick to the highest standards in language education and constantly upgrade their professional skills by participating in numerous educational workshops, fairs and conferences to keep us with the modern teaching methodologies and techniques.

Tatyana Lutchenko
Director of Studies, Project Developer and Manager, Teens/Adults Teacher





Daria Mastiukevich

Teacher of Russian language
“This course is an absolutely unique opportunity for our guests to be involved completely in Russian language and culture. It can be really hard to adapt and some foreigners may feel like aliens here. We are trying to help our students to understand Russia and not to feel alone. I’m really happy to be a part of this project and to inspire people to discover more about my country.”





Valeria Savina

Teacher of Russian language
“I believe I understood the necessity of learning Russian when I started teaching it to Spanish speakers in Spain. And in the first time in my life it came to my mind that I’m a native speaker of the fantastic language in the world! This language is so beautiful and unique, and it is useful even when you don’t live in Russia. In our days Russian language gains a lot of popularity outside of Russian speaking country, you can find any Russian native speaker all over the world! So for me, teaching Russian language helps me to learn more about my own culture and it also helps me to share my life experience through Russian with my students.”



Nadezhda Rodionova
Teacher of Russian language
I was interested in teaching Russian as a foreign language long before I entered the university. To my mind, there is nothing more fascinating than to teach your own language to foreign students, to open its new horizons and to feel excited about the discoveries you’ve made all together! This course gives me an excellent opportunity for self- and professional development.

Daria Chursina
Teacher of Russian language
“When I started teaching Russian as a foreign language I opened an absolutely new world of my own language. This world is rich and has its own rules. Besides, the course proved that a cultural exchange can take place even in our city. That was a real eye-opener for me! What’s more, I made a lot of friends all over the world due to the course. I am absolutely sure that Voronezh is a home to many students and that it is ready to host students not only from neighbouring cities and towns but also from various countries!”

TIMETABLE (General Russian)