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Языковые курсы в Воронеже

Russian as a Foreign Language

Russian language is as amazing as the Russians are


How much are you into the Russian culture? Can you boast of your Russian language skills? If not, would you like to start mastering it?

Whether you are an old hand or a newcomer, curious about the largest country of the world and its traditions, eager to find out more about the Russians then you are very welcome to embark on exhilarating Russian language experience in the city of Voronezh!

International House Voronezh-Linguist is delighted to offer a unique and exciting project to those who would like to combine an adventurous tour to Russia with unforgettable language learning experience. The project aims to give its participants the opportunity to get a feel for the country, its history and traditions, taste the Russian cuisine and break the most popular stereotypes!

The school runs a long-term course on General Russian as well as Academic Russian for those who are either doing their studies or working in Voronezh. Overseas students who are eager to explore the cultural side of the country and to foster their language skills are offered to sign up for a short-term course which is run throughout the year.

Join us today and speak fluently tomorrow!